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The attorneys at Discepolo LLP have prior experience working with insurance companies, it is this experience that gives us the competitive edge in evaluating and prosecuting personal injury cases.

Our attorneys
have forty
years of experience

We have handled thousands of cases from the average auto accident to complex multimillion-dollar litigations. In every case we handle, we always work hard to maximize our clients recovery.

We are leaders in
carbon monoxide
poisoning litigation

Don Discepolo has evaluated over 1,000 carbon monoxide cases, he has litigated hundreds of cases. Don has more experience in this area of law then any other attorney in the USA.

Offices located
in Columbia, MD
and Chicago

With Columbia, MD headquarters, a Chicago office and local co-counsel, Discepolo LLP serves clients coast to coast.

Our attorneys
are aggressive and

We are aggressive and approachable. We will relentlessly pursue the best outcomes for our clients while keeping you educated and informed as your case progresses.

Access to a team
of multi-disciplinary
experts working
for you

Our firm utilizes the very best doctors, engineers and other specialists in order to best represent your case.

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injury attorneys

Serving Families in Columbia and Beyond

Being in an accident can turn your world upside down. Physical and financial ramifications of an injury take their toll, and emotional suffering can last a lifetime. You may be wondering how to pay for your medical bills and make up for lost wages due to missed work. If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you may have a personal injury claim. At Discepolo LLP, we believe you should never have to pay the price for someone else’s mistake. Our law firm is committed to helping victims in the Columbia area and the surrounding community live their best lives.

No settlement can erase the memory of an accident, but our team of experienced attorneys wants to provide you with the tools to begin the healing process. A personal injury claim can help you pay for medical bills, psychological treatment, or final expenses while providing you with the resources to live comfortably. The results of a personal injury can follow you around for the rest of your life. Our team of skilled attorneys is dedicated to helping you win fair compensation.

Leading Experts in Personal Injury Law

At Discepolo LLP, we’re proud of our commitment to fairly and expertly practicing law. But we’re more than just lawyers; we’re citizens of a community. We’re husbands, fathers, wives, and loved ones. We represent families not unlike our own and go above and beyond the traditional attorney-client relationship. We strive to do more than settle cases; we bring closure to families when they need it the most.

Our lawyers provide one-on-one support backed by the power of a large law firm. Legal processes can be confusing and lengthy, so we try to keep you informed throughout the case. Personal injury cases, in particular, are stressful. With the help of our team, you can recover damages to compensate for financial loss, emotional suffering, physical injury, and even lost earning capacity. If we believe there’s a case for gross negligence, we’ll pursue punitive damages to punish the wrongdoers and prevent your accident from happening to someone else.

Case Results

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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Settlement for one child exposed to carbon monoxide, the retired judge who handled the mediation commented, “Medical malpractice lawyers in Maryland don’t even get settlements like that in brain injured baby cases.”
Transvaginal mesh
Settlement for woman who had multiple revision surgeries, the worst case that Discepolo LLP had ever worked on that was rejected by another law firm claiming the damages were not enough to file the case.
medical malpractice
Obtained settlement of 3.5 million dollars on behalf of an 18 year old young man who was rendered a paraplegic in a surgery. Case was passed on by 6 other medical malpractice law firms in Baltimore.

We Deliver Results – Guaranteed

We offer our personal injury services on a contingency-fee basis. Our process begins with a free initial consultation, in which we’ll review the specifics of your situation and decide if you have a case. If we think we can help you, we’ll begin the process of recovering damages. You only pay if we win – it’s that simple. This method allows us to be discerning about the kinds of cases we take and allows us to dedicate time to each client.

Providing Closure to the Columbia Area – and Beyond

Contacting us for a free case evaluation is the first step to regaining your emotional and financial freedom. Our philosophy is simple: You should never have to bear the consequences of someone else’s mistakes, and guilty parties should pay the price. We’re committed to helping you reach a settlement that’s fair, given the amount of your injuries. We don’t accept anything less than you deserve, and we work tirelessly to ensure you and your loved ones experience closure. We demonstrate a loyalty to our clients that’s unmatched in Columbia and beyond.

If you’re interested in receiving our legal advice, contact one of our attorneys at Discepolo LLP Today to schedule your risk-free consultation.

Carbon monoxide

Property owners, lessors, management companies, and contractors who are negligent can cause serious and even fatal injuries when they do work that causes people to be exposed to harmful amounts of carbon monoxide. We are practiced carbon monoxide litigators with a track record of success.

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Personal injury

Discepolo LLP is a tenacious advocate for injury victims and their families throughout Maryland and across the country. When you are overwhelmed and you think there is nowhere to turn, we step in and offer effective, immediate solutions.

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Criminal defense

Our highly skilled team of lawyers works to defend your rights and protect your liberty – and your future – on a broad array of criminal matters, including state, federal criminal defense, traffic violations, and driving under the influence (DUI).

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Mass torts

Our firm successfully represents people when they have been injured due to defective drugs, devices or environmental toxins. When many people are injured as a result of a toxic tort situation, we are aggressive advocates for our clients’ injuries and futures.

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